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  • Regulate the processing of an individual's personal data by users so that it is process in a manner that is full of integrity, secure and not misused.

7 Personal Data Protection Principles

First – General Principles in which a consumer is not allowed to process personal data of someone else without permission. Understanding the process here should be understood as the control of data through automated means or methods or computing or any other process.

Second – must comply with the Principles of Notice and Choice in which information and destination prefix notified to data subjects concerned.

Third – Disclosure Principle destination is a subject of personal data in order to identify the purposes for which personal data are to be disclosed.

Fourth – Principles of Safety & ndash; when processing personal data any subject, taking steps to keep the data safe, non-modified, misused or given to the parties that do not concerned.

Fifth – Retention Principle: The personal data shall not be kept in any processing over the time limit required.

Sixth – Data Integrity Principle & ndash; any personal data ascertained so accurate, complete, not misleading and meets the intent of the latest data is stored and processed.

Seventh – Access Principle: a person shall be entitled to access personal data held by a data user and also can correct it in order to update its data.

Therefore Malaysians in particular should be aware of their rights according to the principles contained in the Act.

Public can lodge any complaint related to APDP 2010 (Section 709) if they feel that an organization or person has violated one of the 7 Personal Data Protection Principles.

The following are the practices recommended to the complainant that is when this Act has come into force:-

  1. The complainant should make a complaint and seek clarification to the organization involved first;
  2. If the complainant is still not satisfied with the answers and actions taken by the organization, then, the complainant can continue to make a complaint to the JPDP through the attached complaint address to enable an investigation to be carried out;
  3. If the complainant is still aggrieved by the Commissioner's decision on the matter, then, he can appeal to the Appeal of Tribunal by filing a notice of appeal with the Appeal of Tribunal.

Information need to make a complaint

You only need to write a letter to or e-mail to the Personal Data Protection Department to clarify your case. In your letter or email, you need to state the following :-

  1. The name of the organization or person you are complaining about;
  2. Explain the reason for your concern;
  3. Provide details of the response you have received from the organization suspected of being the source of the information leak;
  4. Provide a copy of any letter or email regarding your discussions with the organization or individual concerned.
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